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How can we draw an outline of the personality of a nation so often mistreated throughout history? Catalans are haunted by the fear of not being recognised and identified. They are inclined towards introspection and anxious to define their own behaviour, they are no less interesting than the image we have of them. Recognition of the Catalan identity is normally a way for foreigners to guarantee faster integration.

Catalan people are hard working and reject easiness; they are therefore also spared from the laziness often attributed to the Spanish. Intellectuals and craftsmen are both perfectionists.
A thrifty people, a quality no doubt inherited from the commercial tradition of the community, they never choose splendour or ostentation, since they see money as being a guarantee of security.

The Catalan virtue par excellence is the seny roughly translatable as sensibleness and moderation. In fact, it describes a whole range of social behaviour patterns (discretion, judgement, wisdom, a sense of civic responsibility, etc.), which shows the great concern of Catalans over etiquette. Often described as being "closed", they nevertheless turn out to be warm and friendly behind these apparent signs of distance.

Although they are conservative, Catalans are generally curious and open to new experiences, which often place the region in the vanguard of the country.

Finally, it is important to mention that many Catalans do not consider themselves to be Spanish citizens. They like to think of the country as a bordering geographical fact, with a different people, language, value system and traditions.

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