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ARRIL Relocation was founded in April 2001. Its two French-born partners decided to put their complementary experience to the benefit of the service, motivated by their attachment to Barcelona and its region, and the pleasure they derive from helping newcomers to integrate.

Valérie Cascio
38 years old

After studying Communication and Information Sciences, Valérie worked for 10 years in Advertising, Press Relations and Public Relations for Publicis among others. After several assignments to Barcelona, seduced by the quality of living, she decided to move there in 1998. She developed all her communication and human relations skills in the following two years, helping her personal and professional contacts to get set up in Barcelona. Stimulated by the satisfaction of her clients, she considered offering the services to companies when she met Michaël.

Michaël Cermeno
Service Designer
29 years old

His education in Anthropology led him to specialise in Ethnopsychiatry, the study of psychological behaviour when faced with a cultural change, based on the observation of the relationship between the original culture, the individual's personality and the host culture.
His experience in the Customer Service department at the Ritz Carlton hotel has allowed him to put his empathy and his problem-solving skills to good use.
Specialising in Culture Shock, he guarantees conflict-free integration.

The APRIL Relocation team is completed by around ten multilingual collaborators, trained by our offices in the specific features of the service. All of them have lived abroad, which means they are familiar with the adaptation process and are therefore able to anticipate the needs of each family member.

Calle Calabria, 91 - entlo 2 - 08015 BARCELONA
Tel/Fax + (34) 93 289 37 62 - info@aprilrelocation.com