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Ralf Schumacher
Delegate Adviser to the General Management
Dengler Engineering Ibérica

The company Dengler Engineering Ibérica was established in 2002 in Abrera, with the support of the Expert group, which had already established a corporate structure in Spain. The Expert group's HR department had therefore already carried out the official processes required to integrate expatriate employees with a view to obtaining their residence permits.
I was recommended the company APRIL Relocation by the group's HR department for all other personal paperwork.

My first contact with this company turned out to be private and very pleasant, drawing up a detailed list of all the stages required for complete installation.
My poor level of Spanish was more than made up for by the repeated explanations of every subject we covered. To improve my understanding, APRIL Relocation did not hesitate to use other languages such as English, French and German.

True ties of friendship were established between my family and APRIL Relocation in the course of our interviews. Trust, which grew with each accompanied visit to the various public offices, is what led to this friendship.
Requesting residence permits, registering for Social Security, or validating driving licences, the assistance provided by APRIL Relocation at all these public offices was of great help, if only for the many hours required to carry out these processes.
Furthermore, my family is very grateful for the fact that the same person accompanied us throughout all the services.

Personal information management and advice regarding private business resulted in a trusting friendship between the Schumacher family and APRIL Relocation, which we know we will be able to count on in the future.

All the requested services were carried out in a competent, quick, efficient manner, with full discretion. We can recommend the company APRIL Relocation for all aspects relating to installing families abroad.

Kike Baeza
Creative Manager
Divinas Palabras

I am happy to provide my story regarding our excellent collaboration.
The presentation of our latest collection has been a period of intense activity during which we had neither the time nor the energy required to give our dozen or so VIP guests a decent reception.
In fact, charmed by the permanent attention they received from you, they have also told us of their enthusiasm regarding their accommodation and the activities you prepared for them during this week.
I would like to add that the quality of your services played an active role in maintaining a relaxed atmosphere during this event, and I would like to thank you once again for having known how to handle these important guests with such spontaneity.

Marielle Lemarchand
Production Manager

I am infinitely grateful to APRIL Relocation for having been able to understand so quickly what I was looking for in terms of accommodation and schooling for my son. Thanks to them I was able to concentrate fully on my new activities at Adaptae, safe with their know-how and their good advice.

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