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We reduce installation costs, saving you the need to mobilise company staff and doing away with superfluous expenses.

We ensure budget control. The company can anticipate the overall cost of the employee's installation even before his/her arrival and, once the budget has been accepted, we guarantee that we will respect it.

We offer a customised service at a fair price. The flexibility of our structure means no fixed costs for our customers: they only pay for the service received.

We reduce the workload of your Human Resources department, so that it can concentrate on integrating the employee in the company.

We speed up the employee's availability. Freed from the worries of his/her transfer, he/she can become operational in his/her new job sooner.

We free the company from having to refuse special or excessive requests from the employee. Professional relations are not affected and guidelines are respected.

We minimise the risk of losing a competent employee employee by guaranteeing the success of his/her installation.

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