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Our main objective is to make your life easier we do so by saving you fruitless visits to potential houses, hours in queues at public administration offices, having to deal with the complexity of the legal framework or the difficulties inherent in the language. We will solve these issues within the best deadlines.

You will be able to integrate more quickly since we mobilise our efforts to help you to better understand the new culture during the integration process. Your transfer will become an enriching experience for every family member.

You will save time, money and stress, while we will ensure you get installed quickly and comfortably.

Free from all these worries, you will be able to dedicate your efforts entirely to your new job or personal projects, with increased productivity.

Finally, you will benefit from lessons drawn from our experience: paying attention to your well-being and respecting your lifestyle are the essential conditions for successful integration.

Calle Calabria, 91 - entlo 2 - 08015 BARCELONA
Tel/Fax + (34) 93 289 37 62 - info@aprilrelocation.com